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Small and Large Business UV Cleaning

Our pricing strategy was uniquely designed for large and small businesses a like.

Our Standard $0.10 per square foot price ratio was based upon the industry standard but our goal is to get you locked into a rate that is much more attractive through long-term contracts that will help restore Consumer confidence In your business and keep your employees safe in these ever-changing times.

All jobs will have a minimum of 500 ft.² so any job that’s under that will require a minimum of a $50 payment. This policy is for local jobs only if the job requires travel travel expenses will be added to the price.

All jobs that are single time sanitation’s will be billed at $.10 per square foot.

Unless a job is over 5000 ft.² and then a custom price quote will be issued.

Custom packages will be designed for all businesses that are under 5000 ft.²

Any package of 10 cleans will receive 20% off with no expiration date.

Example 3000 ft.² X .10 cents x 10 = $3000 Final price with 10 cleans Commitment paid upfront with no expiration $2400.

Any package of five will receive 10% off with the expiration date and the math would be the same just 10% will be used instead of 20%

Small Business UV Disinfecting Package

  • 500 ft.² or less 10 pack $400 a savings of $100
  • 500 to 1000 square ft.² 10 pack $800 savings of $200
  • 1000 to 1500 ft.² 10 pack $1100 savings of $400 all these packages will have no expiration date
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