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Local Health & Fitness entrepreneur establishes Tristate UV Sanitizing after attending GES tech summit in The Hague, Netherlands.

Justin Candullo, a health and fitness entrepreneur met Elliot Kreitenberg, the founder of Dimer UV at the Netherlands GES summit in 2018 and they quickly struck up a friendship. Justin was intrigued by Elliott’s patented UV sanitizing technology and was fascinated about the implications of eradicating deadly viruses using UV-C light. It left a lasting impression on him when he returned to the United States.

Fast forward to 2020 when the COVID19 pandemic decimated the Health and Fitness businesses in the USA. Justin realized he must quickly pivot into a new industry that would be in high-demand for a pandemic era. Dimers green UV-CLEAN™ technology uses safe UV-C light, much like sun’s powerful UV rays, to eradicate a wide array of viruses and germs, including COVID-19. Justin quickly solidified a distribution agreement with Dimer and set out make the United States a safer place with the Dimer UV-Hammer.

Dimer Tri-State was formed to help restore consumer confidence and protect against the spread of infectious diseases in residential and commercial businesses around the greater New York Tri-state area. The company is graciously donated free sanitizing services to an array of local businesses to preserve peace-of-mind safety that will help the local economy. Tristate UV sanitizing’s mission is to provide green UV-CLEAN™ technology to improve people’s lives as a valued essential business.

Justin reached out to his friend, Paul Joselow, inquiring if he would like to be a partner in his new venture, Dimer Tristate sanitizing. Paul was enthusiastic about the opportunity and agreed to invest, and joined Justin as a working partner. Paul’s friend Andrew Ziegler, a former marketing executive for Haier America, was excited about the 14 distinct patents Dimer has on the UV-Hammer, and the marketing opportunities for promoting a green COVID-19 eradicating technology that uses potent UV-C light waves to destroy COVID-19 instead of harsh chemicals that release VOC volatile organic compounds. Ziegler coined the term UV-CLEAN™, emphasizing the green technology, and joined Paul and Justin as a working partner in Dimer Tri-State in 2021.

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