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Dimer Tristate has the best lab proven ultraviolet (UVC) disinfection technology for business available in the world.

Our equipment can disinfect your areas six times faster than other competing equipment and guarantees Honeywell certified results for killing pathogens including COVID-19. Using UVC technology guarantees there are no harmful chemical residues from standard cleaning methods. We invite you to contact us and become a member of the Dimer family.

UVC has been a reputable means of surface disinfection within the healthcare sector for decades, but until Dimer’s most recent patented breakthroughs, design limitations have prevented widespread adoption of this pivotal technology. Dimer represents the first true application of UVC disinfection technology that can be efficiently used in any workplace setting. This maximizes the efficacy of businesses’ efforts to combat COVID-19 and also assures increased consumer confidence. With Dimer’s mobile unit, The UVHammer, Dimer tristate will strive to expand Dimer’s corporate footprint into the greater NY tristate area via a commercial UV cleaning business (DaaS) while also serving as an official authorized dealer of Dimer’s groundbreaking product line. The UVHammer’s variable-angle lamp technology is able to disinfect high touch surfaces with an orders-of-magnitude advantage in efficiency and effectiveness than traditional stationary vertical UVC lamps. It is simply LIGHT years ahead of the competition.

Justin Candullo
co-founder and President of Tristate UV Sanitizing, is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University. He’s a health and fitness entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in nutrition, health club and business management. Candullo’s experience in health matters extends to physical health and behavioral health associated with the customer’s sense of well-being and safety. Justin’s vision is to make the world a safer place, using the Dimer UV Hammer™ to eradicate viruses and germs that cause illness, stress and loss of business.
Paul Joselow
co-Founder and Vice President of Dimer Tristate UV Sanitizing is an electrical engineering graduate of Carnegie Mellon. When the COVID-19 pandemic started to impact New York metropolitan businesses, Paul noted that it was escalating into both an economic and health crisis. Paul was looking to invest in a business venture in the New York tristate area where he could leverage over 20 years experience in engineering and data management . His knowledge of electrical engineering is a great asset to the Tri State team, for maintaining the UV-Hammer™, which is a complex, portable electro-mechanical device.
Andrew Ziegler
is a Managing Director of Business Development for Dimer Tristate UV Sanitizing. He is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, and brings over 15 years experience in tech appliance marketing and business development for global brands such as Amana, Haier and Amcor. Certified in PMI Agile Project Management, Ziegler is a UV-C sanitization expert who has helped build market share for best-in-class products with experiential digital marketing, social branding, and national franchise development. He specializes in Agile, customer focused solutions that enhance consumer safety, health and quality of life.
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